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CIVA keeps archives and pieces of collections from Belgian actors in architecture and landscape architecture e.g. Victor Bourgeois, René Pechère, Huib Hoste, Renaat Braem, Jules Buyssens, Victor Horta, Robert Puttemans, Paul Duvigneaud, Gaston, Maxime and Fernand Brunfaut. The archives consist of architectural plans, maps, models, old photos, written archives, pieces of furniture and textile, costumes, decoration, audiovisual and audio archives. It gathers archives from the departement of Modern Architecture and the Garden, Landscape and Urban Ecosystem department.

CIVA preserves archives and collection pieces dedicated to Belgian actors of architecture and landscape in Belgium and abroad, such as Victor Bourgeois, René Pechère, Huib Hoste, Renaat Braem, Jules Buyssens, Victor Horta, Robert Puttemans, Paul Duvigneaud, Gaston, Maxime and Fernand Brunfaut. Funds gather plans, maps, models, vintage photographs, written archives, pieces of furniture and textiles, costumes, stage sets, audio and audio-visual archives. The collection includes the archives of the Department of Modern Architecture and the Department of Garden, Landscape and Urban Ecosystem.

CIVA’s collections are constituted of archives and various productions of the practice of architecture, landscape architecture and gardens, and of the reflexion on urban ecosystems in Belgium. They hold a major variety of supports: particularly important graphic archives (plans, drawings, sketches ...), written archives (correspondence, personal notes, site monitoring…), photographic documents, but also models, audio and audio-visual archives, furniture, wallpapers, fabrics, mainly from the 19th and the 20th century in Belgium. These collections result from the integration in 2016, within the institution, of the collections constituted by the Archives d’Architecture Moderne (AAM), Sint-Lukasarchief, the René Pechère Library and the Paul Duvigneaud Centre, and keep being enriched daily. A part of these collections remain property of the Archives d'Architecture Moderne. Their conservation is guaranteed through financial support from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. They are accessible to researchers, students, professionals and individuals. They are also valorized through exhibitions, publications, studies and various animations realized by the CIVA as well as third parties. In January 2019, 4400 negatives coming from the Kessels funds were digitized and made available online through the ideesculture platform, where they serve as a witness of Belgian architecture and landscape between the 1920s and 1960s. In total, some 500 funds make CIVA the most important archival center of architecture and landscape architecture of Belgium.

The Modern Architecture Department gathers collections related to architectural practice. Among its collections, let us quote: Victor Bourgeois, Huib Hoste, Renaat Braem, Jean-Jules Eggerickx, Louis-Herman De Koninck, Gaston and Maxime Brunfaut, Antoine Courtens, Jos Bascourt, Alban Chambon, Henri Lacoste, Paul Hamesse, Akarova, Coulon & Noterman, the Structures Group, the Alpha Group, Jacques Cuisinier and, of course, Victor Horta and Henry Van de Velde.

The Garden, Landscape & Urban Ecosystem Department gathers archives related to landscape architecture practice ; among them, René Pechère funds, Jules Buyssens, JNC, Georges Neuray, Jacques Boulanger-Français, as well as archives from national and international institutions such as IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects), the International Committee of Historical Sites and Gardens ICOMOS-IFLA or the Association Belge des Architectes de Jardins et des Architectes Paysagistes - Belgische Vereniging van Tuin- en Landschapsarchitecten (A.B.A.J.P.-B.V.T.L.). The department also preserves and manages Paul Duvigneaud’s archives, which are dedicated to ecology and urban ecosystems. 

On the occasion of the International Archives Day, CIVA has the pleasure to announce the launch of the Network of European Landscape Architecture Archives (NELA). NELA is a network aimed at enhancing international cooperation between archive centres dedicated specifically to collecting, preserving, valorizing and diffusing landscape architecture archives. The CIVA archives collection, initiated by Belgian landscape architect René Pechère, is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe, and comprises about 50 fonds related to landscape architecture. Read the NELA Mission Statement here.

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