CIVA, Centre for Information, Documentation and Exhibitions on the city, architecture, landscape and urban planning in the Brussels-Capital Region, is a museum, archive and collections centre, library, meeting and mediation place and forum for discussion on architecture, landscape, urban planning and ecosystems. 

CIVA's programming is a blend of culture and architecture, with a particular focus on heritage and contemporary developments in Brussels.

In 2025, CIVA will move to KANAL-Centre Pompidou. 

CIVA's activities

CIVA organises several exhibitions a year to highlight various themes that link culture, current social, political and environmental issues and architecture, using CIVA's collections as a basis for reflection.

CIVA's activities focus on collecting, preserving and presenting its collections, and highlighting them through a wide range of exhibitions, events and activities, in order to contribute to the development of an architectural, landscape and urban culture.

In addition to these exhibitions, conferences, symposia, film screenings, book launches and educational activities take place throughout the year.

CIVA collections
CIVA's collections are divided into two distinct parts: on the one hand, the library, which is open to the public all year round, with a large collection of books on architecture, urban planning and landscape. The second is the CIVA archive centre, which houses a collection of over 500 works, including those of Akarova, Victor Bourgeois, René Braem, Victor Horta and René Pechère.
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