Research in Residence, CIVA’s collection-based transdisciplinary research initiative, opened in 2022, with Vincent Meessen’s exhibition After / D’après / Na.

Engaging architects, artists, landscape designers, academics, and critics, Research in Residence renegotiates the terrain between the often hermetic sphere of architecture collections and their public exposure. The program aims to support innovative research through various forms: exhibitions, installations, podcasts, talks, essays, performances, and more. Its starting point is establishing intellectual exchange, through long-term dialogue, between researchers and the institution. Research in Residence is a platform for projects that challenge current research norms and promote approaches beyond mono-historical perspectives.

After Traumnovelle’s research installation Congolisation (2023), which is currently on display as part of Style Congo, CIVA will host: Vincent Meessen’s exhibition After / D’après / Na, Anna Puigjaner (MAIO, Barcelona/ETH Zurich) and her work Kitchenless City, which will result in an exhibition in November 2023; Dennis Pohl’s (TU Delft) research Building Europe; Stefaan Vervoort’s (UGent) project Broodthaers and Architecture; Apolline Vranken (ULB), who is working on Simone Guillissen-Hoa; Véronique Boone (ULB) and Nina Serulus and their research on Eliane Havenith; Laura Lievevrouw’s (KU Leuven) investigations into Alfons Hoppenbrouwers; Sven Sterken’s (KU Leuven) work on Groupe Structures; and the Sustainable Turn in Urbanism, a new doctorate program at KU Leuven directed by Koenraad Danneels, Bruno Notteboom, Sven Sterken, and Martino Tattara.