Architecture + Activism — Cinéma Jolia

Architecture and Activism. Two words designating two practices. The practice of designing and constructing, of carefully giving structure. And the practice of action and involvement, the process of supporting a change.

Friday, June 21, 2019Sunday, June 30, 2019
KANAL-Centre Pompidou / HOUSE 3

free entrance

Cinéma Jolia (Jolien De Nijs + Giulia Lazzara)

The exhibited work is a structured action based on the practice of critical thinking. Or, perhaps, a series of structured actions.

In order to achieve so, the architects of Cinéma Jolia used and abused the meanings of the words “architecture” and “activism”.

Two words, and a message within, pass from mouths to ears. The message travels, evolves. Words multiply. 

Every action precipitates a reaction, a repercussion. Every action in itself is an accident. The repetition of this accident creates rituals.

Words, images (and people) collide on the theatre scene of Kanal-Centre Pompidou in a series of accidents. The Architect’s monologue is decomposed. Every word is carefully dissected, structurally demonstrated. Words change of meaning. Messages accidentally multiply.

Cinéma Jolia’s work depicts both the poetry of architecture and the emergency of its philosophy.