Architecture and Landscape Book Fair (FREE)

First edition of the Architecture and Landscape Book Fair. ALBF is a fair organised by CIVA that aims to curate a selection of independent, international publications on architecture, landscape and town planning. The event proposes the discovery of a sophisticated selection of magazines, books and publishers that seek to explore the architectural practice with alternative mediums and encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue. On the side: a programme of meetups with publishers, book launches, debates and performances! In organising ALBF, CIVA is partnering with WIELS, organising their already established art book fair on the very same weekend! Check their full programme: WIELS Art Book Fair (FREE)

Saturday, September 7, 2019Sunday, September 8, 2019
11:00 - 18:00

free entrance

WIELS Art Book Fair


  • A+

  • Accattone

  • Black Square

  • Building Paris


  • Columbia Books on Architecture and the City — GSAPP

  • Clara

  • Drawing Matter

  • Kristien Daem

  • Lars Müller

  • Les Cahiers de l’École de Blois

  • MacGuffin

  • Marnes, documents d’architecture

  • MétisPresses

  • O Book Publisher

  • Oase

  • Paysageur

  • Vlaams Architectuurinstituut - VAI

    ... and a curated selection of publications by Index Architecture