Cave Talks: Informal Gathering & Workshop

Cave Talks is an informal gathering around making, writing and thinking together on the tactics, practices and tools to emancipate. It aims to create a natural void for collective exchange and production, in which all conversations occur. The format arose through a dialogue with the group and journal Women Cave, dedicated to exploring questions on space and emancipation. 

Three workshops open to the public, with collectives Bicoli, BLURBS - Generative Writing Club and Woman Cave will produce a collection of works, texts, scraps, alphabets, and quilts gathered in a standard binder. This prospective object will become part of CIVA's Archives. You are invited to bring any material, hand-produced or printed in A4 size, to add to the collectively assembled binder. We will discuss the content as a group. 

Cave Talks is part of the exhibition Institution Building: Chapter 6 - Emancipation

Saturday, October 9, 2021
12:30 - 18:00
CIVA, Rue de l'Ermitage 55, 1050 Brussels
Hosted by Bicoli, BLURBS - Generative Writing Club and Woman Cave



12:30 Gathering with coffee

13:00 Getting to know each other 

14:00 Working Together 

  • Emancipation as reading, Bicoli Club
  • Emancipation as writing, BLURBS - Generative Writing Club
  • Emancipation as crafting, Woman Cave

16:30 Eating Together 

17:30 Assembling the Cave Talks binder 



Bicoli is a feminist common self-directed library. This project is born from the desire to gather and share freely books about feminism, LGBT social movement, decolonial movement, political ecology… 

Beyond a library, it is a space of exchange, talks, and reflection. Bicoli collective sees reading as a tool for emancipation. For the reading not to be only a solitary act, the collective sets up “arpentage” (collective readings)  and  a range of events such as workshops, exhibitions, projections,…

BLURBS – Generative Writing Club is a creative writing club, that uses literature in its various forms – fiction, poetry, essay, biography - to establish a platform that fosters creativity, expression, and exchange by combining diverse perspectives on writing. Grounded in the belief that multilingualism is a resource more than a hurdle to overcome The generative writing club aims to explore what it means to develop and implement inclusive and accessible writing systems related to race, gender and social backgrounds in an urban environment.

Woman Cave is a transdisciplinary collective founded by artist Léticia Chanliau, architect Chloé Macary-Carney and anthropologist Aleksandra Belova that explores the notion of gender in spaces. Inspired by the red tent, new age feminine circles of discussion, they created the Woman Cave: a safe space to hold discussions. In 2021, they released the Woman Journal Vol. 1, a publication of heterogeneous, non-normative content that reunites works by more than 20 contributors from around the world. In preparation of Volume 2 focused on the theme “Power dynamics / Cohabitation,” they explore the patchwork and its history as a vector for emancipation and propose a patchwork occupation of CIVA during the Cave Talk October 9th.