From the field to the fork: the circular project ‘Smala Farming’

 © Smala
© Smala

Smala is a circular from-field-to-plate project in Brussels. Their mission, since 2019, has been to raise awareness among Brussels residents about a more sustainable food system and to reconnect them to the earth. On this field in Anderlecht, market gardeners Marie and Zofia grow delicious vegetables according to the principles of peasant agriculture and agroecology. 

Book a guided tour of this bucolic space which is just a stone’s throw from the city and where a friendly and warm atmosphere prevails. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022
Type of visit
Guided tour
Smala Farming
Rue de Neerpede
1070 Anderlecht
With the support of
Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel
Mois de la Nature - Maand van de Natuur

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Address: Rue Neerpede, 1070 Anderlecht (Click here)


CIVA tips: 

#1 Arrived on site a bit early? A market is organized here every Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3 pm. Check out the fresh products grown on site. Rue du Pommier also has a few places to eat.

#2 Winning combo? In the morning: a visit to BON AIR, the Institut Redouté Peiffer (a horticultural school), followed by the discovery of Radiskale and Smala in the afternoon. There are also a few places to eat on Rue du Pommier.


When Brussels aims for sustainability – BoerenBruxselPaysan: 

Centred on Neerpede and the Vogelzang valley (Anderlecht), the ambitious pilot project BoerenBruxselPaysans offers spaces, infrastructure and support for the production, processing and distribution of fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Discover the two projects that participated in its success: Radiskale and Smala


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