Heritage Days (sold out)

 © CIVA Collections
© CIVA Collections

On the occasion of the Heritage Days (17.09.22), CIVA opens the doors of its collections to the public. The 'traces of colonisation' are an integral part of the history of Belgian architecture in the 19th and 20th century. Many architects, landscape architects and building contractors - whose archives or library are kept at CIVA - designed and built in the former colonies, such as Henry Lacoste, Eugène Palumbo, Groupe Structures, René Pechère or Blaton. By giving researchers and experts access to these resources, CIVA contributes to the mapping of the history of colonial construction. On the occasion of the Heritage Days, some of these researchers and experts are invited to share their discoveries with the public during guided tours.

Saturday, September 17, 2022
15:00 (FR) & 15:30 (NL)

Sold out 

Speaker FR (15:00) : 

Johnny Leya (architect, member of the Brussels collective Traumnovelle)

Speaker NL (15:30): 
Francis Carpentier (Head of CIVA Collections)