At home with Ginette, Bruno, and the neighborhood!

In a residential spot not far from the Forêt de Soignes, you will find an atypical garden – not only because of its length, but because of all the neighbors who work on it together. Over 140 meters long, it unfolds in multiple ways, mixing wild and kempt spaces. There is a small tiered garden, a majestic grove of trees, the beginnings of an orchard and a henhouse with local breeds Boitsfort Barbus! Tree trunks cut on the spot have been transformed into beautiful huts for the children, forming an adventurous playground. A beehive, a place for basket-weaving, two lush vegetable gardens, and at the end, a plot of wild biodiversity complete the whole. You’re welcome to explore this sanctuary and its interesting anecdotes.

Saturday, September 25, 2021
Type of visit
Guided tour
14:00 & 16:00
At home with Ginette, Bruno, and the neighborhood!
Chaussée de La Hulpe, 254
1170 Bruxelles
1 hour
With the support of
Bruxelles Environnement — Leefmilieu Brussel