Ndako ya bokoko / la Maison Ancestrale

A performance of Yannos Majestikos with the participation of Starlette Mathata

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Congo and in the framework of the exhibition Style Congo, CIVA is pleased to invite you to a performance by Yannos Majestikos. In his performance Ndako ya bokoko / La Maison Ancestrale, the Congolese performer addresses the playground that the Congo has represented and still represents in the eyes of political and economic powers by symbolizing it as an object and concept in space.

By tracing the history of the Congo through objects and prominent figures who will be the pawns of this giant board game, the artist invites the audience to immerse itself in the geopolitical relations between Africa and Europe. In doing so, he attempts to reactivate history through these objects, questioning the past and the present and envisioning a different future.

Friday, June 30, 2023
With the support of Brussels 2030