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Nocturne A.J. Lode Janssens - A Balloon Home

 © Filip Dujardin
© Filip Dujardin

The balloon home by night ? Discover the Lode Janssens exhibition for free during Bright Brussels on Thursday 10 February from 6 to 10pm.

Thursday, February 10, 2022
18:00 - 22:00
FR / NL / EN
CIVA, Rue de l'Ermitage 55, 1050 Brussels

Gratis toegang / Het Covid Safe Ticket en het dragen van een mondmasker zijn verplicht

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Four evenings and three routes will take you on a journey to discover of some twenty immersive and poetic artistic works. From 10 to 13 February, the Royal Quarter, the European Quarter and the Flagey neighborhood will be illuminated by enchanting light installations. The festival will also feature a fringe programme, including evening events in the museums.