Soft assembly: 1 room, 1 roof, 1 bar

 © Martha Virgaux
© Martha Virgaux

This summer, CIVA invites architects Flore Fockedey and Sébastien Roy to take over the first floor. Faced with a static and perennial architecture, their intervention evokes the ephemeral. By assembling flexible surfaces and standard components, they investigate the question of adaptability, mobility and reversibility. A soft room, a solar tent, a mobile bar: three installations aspire to generate an atmosphere that foster exchange and conviviality, after the many long months that have passed without meeting spaces.

Friday, July 9, 2021Tuesday, August 17, 2021
10:30 - 18:00
CIVA, Rue de l'Ermitage 55, 1050 Brussels
Bar conception in close collaboration with: Florent Valmassoni (artist / blacksmith)
Bar production: Florent Valmassoni
Soft room production: Epigone
Courtesy: Kanal-Centre Pompidou
Special thanks to: Marine Urbain, Joséphine Gauthier, Elias Karam