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Sustainable Dwelling / Uses & Spaces

USES&SPACES. Between versatility and empowerment, a new way to approach sustainability in housing.


In recent decades, family configurations have been transformed in multiple forms (blended families, intergenerational co-habitation, single parenting, etc.) and under the influence of multiple factors (longer life expectancy, women at work, housing crisis, social bond crisis, etc.). Researchers from the Uses & Spaces unit (LOCI_UCL) invited authors to question the social and spatial dimensions of housing in terms of sustainability. The book Sustainable Dwelling focuses on the question of spatial versatility and the capacity of inhabitants in housing.

Thursday, February 20, 2020
CIVA, Rue de l'Ermitage 55, 1050 Brussels

Free entrance - under registration (this event is sold out!)

"I cannot help but annoyingly augur of a nation whose houses are built to last no longer than a generation. If men lived like men, their homes would be like temples. "

John Ruskin 


This book examines the social and spatial dimensions of housing from a sustainability perspective. Going beyond energy and technological dimensions, it positions the concept of sustainable housing at the crossroads between spatial versatility and empowerment of the inhabitants.


In the field of housing, this publication identifies the recurring properties of "sustainable space" and the diversity of socio-cultural practices that can embody them. Its ambition is to understand how the concept of sustainability is reflected in housing spaces and how the inhabitants put them to the test.


This publication brings together the contributions of authors gathered in May 2017 for a workshop on collective housing. This publication also follows various case studies carried out in Nantes and Zurich by a team of teachers and researchers (architects and socio-anthropologists) from the Uses & Spaces unit of UCLouvain / UCLille. Their research activities were funded by the Christian Leleux grant, which aims to promote research on sustainability in architecture and town planning.




Nicolas Bernard – About the new forms of housing in Brussels and their challenges

Gérald Ledent/Chloé Salembier/Damien Vanneste – Booklaunch and debate

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