Travelling with your childhood in the pencil case — Luca Merlini

Where do architectural projects - or should I write my architectural projects - come from? Often from afar, from childhood, from memories, from quite faded snapshots, from horizons seen through a window. It is all of those « from » that the conference seeks to understand. Not only to tell their origin, but to trace their path and their transformation. Because when the architectural project is here, the « from » has fortunately vanished: only remains the new stories that the project invites to tell. The project is an endless story with a thousand roots and a thousand branches. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020
CIVA, Rue de l'Ermitage 55, 1050 Brussels

talk + expo: 5€

Luca Merlini, born in Mendrisio (Switzerland), graduate architect from the EPF Zurich, works as part of Merlini-Rivier Architects in Lausanne. He is Architect-Advisor ("Architecte-Conseil") of the State in the department of Seine-St-Denis (93). Professor emeritus at Ensa Paris-Malaquais and member of the LIAT research laboratory, Luca Merlini is the author of text-drawings and architectural tales of which: « Les Habitants de la lune » (Sens & Tonka ed., 1999), « Le pays des maisons autres trajectoires »  (Ed. Métispresses, 2011), « Le XIQ, dits et dessins d’architecture » (Ed. Métispresses, 2017).